Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Healthy Food Trends You Need to Try

Going in the second month of 2018, did your skinny resolution begin to show up? If you do not have time to exercise but the ideal body shape is still a priority this year, it is now time to eat healthily.
Best Healthy Food Trends You Need to Try

Relax, not all healthy foods that taste bad, here are DeBlogNesia gives some references to you try:

1. Shabu-shabu

Why are shabu-shabu classified as healthy food? The first is because shabu-shabu is rich in protein. Starting from the soup used, until the use of meat that is good for your health.

When eating shabu-shabu as much as possible to avoid additional rice, because the sugar content that can hamper your resolution this year. For healthy shabu-free MSG and only use quality materials, you can get at Shabu-shabu House located in Plaza Indonesia.

2. Poke

Poke is a salad that uses raw fish as its main ingredient. The combination of fish and vegetables is no longer need to doubt the health and goodness dong for your body. Derived from Hawaii, now this healthy food you can find in Indonesia, precisely in Pokinometry in Gandaria City.

3. Pho

Who does not like noodles? But the number of preservatives to make food that this one is rarely avoided for fear can disrupt health. But have you ever tried the Vietnamese-style noodles commonly known as Pho?

The food available in Saigon Delight can be enjoyed without worrying about damaging health because only quality materials are used and without additional MSG in each serving.

4. Gelato

Ice cream, though often considered a food that can make you fat but different from gelato. Ice cream from Italy has a low-fat content, only about six to ten percent.

So now you can enjoy 16 gelato flavors in Zito Gelato located in Kemang area because the sweetness of gelato is guaranteed to make you happy without needing to feel guilty so fat.


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