Friday, 23 February 2018

How to Register PopCash

PopCash is one of the CPM based advertising media, using CPM (Cost Per Mille) payment system then there will be money according to the number of ad impressions.
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This CPM ad type will pay you when your ad view reaches 1000 views or you will receive a commission from PopCash after your blog or site successfully displays PopCash ads as many as 1000 views.

Of course the income you get from CPM type of fish is very dependent on the amount of traffic your site or blog you have, in contrast to the CPA-based advertising (Cost Per Action) which CPA type advertising payments are highly dependent of the Action made by blog visitors.

For the problem of advertising payments with the CPM system depends on the provider, for example you are given a commission of $ 1, $ 2, $ 3, even $ 4, for every 1000 ad impressions, but there are also providers of CPM type ads that only provide wages of $ 0.5 for each 1000 ad impressions, and for PopCash Ads itself gives wages to Publishernya about $ 1 - $ 1.5 for every 1000 display ads.

Excess PopCash Ads.
1. Ads are displayed only once on each IP, so not too disturbing visitors.

2. Minimum Limit PO (Pay Out) $ 10.

3. Payment system can be through Paypal.

Weakness of PopCash Ads.
Ad views are only calculated on the basis of each visitor's IP only, meaning that if the visitor is only one then the calculated ad is also only one view, although the visitor opens a lot of pages which of course makes the Page Page Views increased.

For those of you who are interested, please Register Free PopCash 100%, yes itung-itung than idle blog traffic, it's good enough to earn a little income from the internet.

How To Register And Install Ads PopCash Ads On Blog

Step 1: Please visit the website, then click Register.

Step 2: Then, please fill in the required data as per the registration form request.

Step 3: Furthermore, please open your email, then click the Link Activation is given to continue the process of registering PopCash Ads.

Step 4: Done, until here registration Popcash Ads is done.

After all the registration process PopCash Ads have completed and has been approved, then the step you should do is register your site or blog to PopCash Ads.

How to Install PopCash Ads Code on Blog

1. Please login

2. Then in the main menu blogger, select Template.

3. Then click Edit HTML.

4. Next please find the code </head>, to make it easier to find the code, use the Ctrl+F key combination.

5. Then put the PopCash Ads code right above the code </head>, then click Save Template.

6. Done.

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