Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Secrets of Successful Marriage According to Divorced People

Just because a person is divorced does not mean he is out of wedlock without picking up any important lessons about marriage. Quite the opposite. The failure made them learn a lot.

People who have divorced usually expect to act differently if they have a second chance to build a home.
The Secrets of Successful Marriage

Here are some important lessons experienced by those who have divorced, about the effort to keep the marriage intact.

1. From the beginning, you both have to have a strong love. If the reason you are married is just because of physical attraction or treasure, that love will quickly die.

2. Look deeper than just a ring or a lively party. Imagine if you want to live with him until old.

3. If your mate turns around and does not want to talk, give her a chance to herself. Be patient, but do not let negative emotions pass unspoken.

4. Marriage is not always happy. Look for fun things every day, as simple as that. When something is bad or annoying, remember that this too will pass.

5. Successful marriage means "dirty hands", in the sense that we must also participate. Do not just wait for him. Communication is the key.

6. Intimacy is the thing that distinguishes marriage with other forms of relationship. Maintain a sense of intimacy that is like when the first courtship.

7. Happy marriage requires two people who continue to learn about their partner and life itself. Do not be afraid to compromise.

8. Love means allowing your partner to relax and be a little lazy. We can not continuously perfect 24 hours for 7 days a week.

9. Surely we will pass a point in marriage that causes frustration. Try to empathize.

10. In marriage, as in life, something slow and stable will prevail compared with something in a hurry.

11. Do not be lazy to spend time alone, talking from heart to heart in a relaxed and intimate way. Express what you need because he can not read minds, and vice versa.

12. Give yourself and partner a chance to enjoy your hobbies and make you happy. Happy marriage requires two strong and full individuals.

13. Celebrate when things are happy. Do not forget to express appreciation when the couple does something special for you.