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In addition to the On page SEO that we have discussed in SEO base, you should also know what is off page SEO, off page SEO is the other supporting part to increase the ranking of a blog. As we have seen, to build a blog with a shrill in the viewpoint worthy of search engines we need to build a network of links.
Optimisation of SEO off page

In off page SEO that we need to see here is not about the number of links or backlinks to your blog, but the quality of backlinks to your blog. To get a quality backlink make sure the backlinks leading to your blog from a reputable website, so the backlinks provide a good effect for blogs that you manage.

Examples of websites that provide quality backlinks are university websites, reputable company websites or newspaper websites. The point of trying to get backlinks to your blog from websites or blogs that have a good ranking in search engines.

My suggestion looks for a healthy backlink for search engines like google that like your blog, Avoid the use of tools in finding backlinks because the use of tools in finding backlinks is not healthy in off page SEO your blog.

off page Seo is the opposite of on page Seo, so things or factors that are optimized lies on the outside of the website or blog that we will optimize. Maybe until here you already know what is off page SEO, if there is a question about off page SEO you can ask in the comment field.

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