How to Change Template On Blogger

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Hi Guys, Welcome to Simple Share Post, this time I will discuss about How to Change Blogger Template.

Are you bored with the standard Template view from Blogger? And want to replace with a better template?

Let's see how to upload Templates in Blogger.

Step 1: prepare the template, if not there please search on Google with keyword "Free Template For Blogger". Or with keywords is up to you.

Step 2: Log in to Blogger => Dashboard, and select Themes.
Custom template blogger

Step 3: Select Backup / Restore the one in the upper right corner below your profile.
Change template blogger

Step 4: then click "Select File" like this.
Upload thema blog

Step 5: Find the template file in your storage area, for example I use template "sensational 2.0.xml" if you want with this free template download here.
Free template for blogger

Step 6: click the "Upload" button And open your blog to see the results.
Cool template for blogger

Well, that's the steps to change Blogger template, it's easy right?

Hopefully the article on How To Change Template On Blogger useful and can help you, if you have any questions please comment. Thank you !

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